Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adipose ornament

This post won't mean a thing to you unless you're a Doctor Who fan. Of course it still might not a mean thing to you if I type it all backwards either. So I'll try to refrain.

The idea, make a set of adorable adipose making cookies.

The Conclusion:

The execution:
I started with a little round thing, gave it some eye holes, a mouth and oh a spoon.
This little guy proved to be a giant pain in the ass as he refused to remain attached to his legs and hand. I think I repaired him a good 3-4 times over the course of making all of it.
I thought an adipose squirting frosting into his mouth and possibly out of his nose just made sense. I made the bag first, which I spent crazy amounts of time trying to get the tip just perfect only to jam it into a mouth and never be seen. I might over think things sometimes.
Little chef hat was the last creation. As you can see here he has no hands. Hands were always the last thing I made because I HATE THEM SO MUCH!

Some cleaning of edges, baking, painting and they were ready for their debut.
The frosting is actually a mix of glue and paint. It gave a nice globular but also slightly opaque look.
And that's how I made my little adipose ornament. There were lots of other little things, the cookie sonic screwdriver drove me particularly mad, but who cares when you can watch adorable fat babies get into the baking supplies.

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