Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Skullus Gigantis

Last year we made the typical rounds of checking out every store imaginable to see what they offered for Halloween. (I'm very disappointed in Jiffy Lubes selection)

At Menards we discovered a giant skull that I had wild dreams of corpsing into a giant rotting skull to something something, but time slipped through our grasp and we never made it back before Christmas had already begun it's holly jolly steamroll.

Well this year the Halloween Dance is much smaller (and seems to be ignored) and our own haunt has been getting the bit of the shaft due to a Middle of the Week holiday, so I GOT THE SKULL!
 He lived in the backroom for a few weeks as I finished up other things, like my little adipose. But I finally snapped and decided it was time.

I began by adding some simple rolls of paper towel to make muscles, half a nose, and eventually eyelids, then dotted fabric all over his face with an old sponge.
The next step was paint. Lots and lots of red paint.

I'd suggest getting all kids and anyone with a heart condition out of the room for this. Unless they like blood then scoot closer.
 Then it was just deadening some of the flesh overtop with some grey and tan tones.
And finally rubbing off patches of the latex with my thumb. My very angry thumb which got a blister, and my other very very angry thumb that got an even bigger blister.

It's never smart to piss off your thumbs, they can make life very unevolved for you.

Finally I did some detail work, brought out the teeth all boring stuff.
The skulls eyes actually light up, an option I doubt I will ever use for obvious reasons.
And one more just to prove how big this thing is. That's a regular sized foam skull you can get just about anywhere next to skullus gigantis.
Now I just have to figure out where the hell I'm putting this thing in the yard.

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