Friday, September 14, 2012

Starry Tardis Painting

So remember all those Doctor Who paintings I photoshopped about a year back for fun?

I decided to make one for real. With actual paint and everything.
She's on a 12X12 and took about 8-10 hours or so. It's amazing how much time can be lost in making oodles of little lines that turn into stars, towns, or a mad man's box.

If you have any interest in this painting then I have some good news. Because I actually like this one so much I decided to offer it up for prints. Multiple, multiple prints.

The first is from the fancy pants print store I joined that lets you really see all those brush strokes that makes impression art pop.

Starry Tardis- Fine Art.

The next is for the less discerning customer, where I store all my old T-shirt and other random ideas

Starry Tardis- Zazzle.

Or there's deviantART, because why the hell not.

Starry Tardis - deviantART

So...nerdy painting!

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