Friday, September 7, 2012

Donning the Mantle

The first week in September is when I decide I can let my inner Addams out and start decorating for Halloween. At least the inner parts of the house which no one will see anyway so there's no need for all the pointy sticks and bonfires.

I always begin with the mantle. It's simple enough, and never ever quick.
 But this year I decided that Drac's Castle just didn't fit. It was a little too dark for our dank pit of a living room. Plus we'd wound up going so black and white the blue was a little too jolly for Reaper Servo and his gothettes.

So I set out to create a painting that was a little spooky, a little haunting, and lots of trees because trees are easy.
She's a big one at 20X24" and I threw in some raven's for ambiance.

But of course, the bigger question is, will it hold up over the fireplace? It has very picky taste.
That'll do pig. That'll do.

Oh one more of it all lit up by the fire hazard glow of my many Halloween candles that in no way contain the trapped and tortured souls of the criminally insane. Nope.
And if you don't think that painting isn't staying up until Christmas you don't know how lazy I am.

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