Monday, October 22, 2012

First Painting for FatherWizard

After taking a pathetic fall onto frozen ground and completely fucking up my hand two weeks ago, I finally told the pain to piss off and buckled down to making a painting for the first donor to help FatherWizard.

She wanted something fallish, treeish, and off I went with this idea:
It was about 2 hours or so of making tiny lines slowly turn into a tree. Then some leaves, then some more tree again, then back to leaves.

I've already passed the donation on and should get this bad boy out soon (assuming this wet weather will stop).

If you like the tree above or want a challenge for me I'll still work with whatever you're wiling to donate to help him out. I've got lots of wacky ideas.

So if you want your own little (or big) tree painting/sketch/tattoo and to help out a wonderful man click the button below.