Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One More Sleep til Halloween

And we're getting busy here in Dungeon Introverted.

Against our normal plans of hording everything until the night of this year I decided to start putting some things out early in case I one again get sick on Halloween and have to force myself to set up.
But how's it look at night with my new blue light?
I also got up some of the skeletons and draped them in spider webs. I call this one my Orlesian.
To go with the decor I also took a fancier picture of my Tom Servo as a witch.
This weekend I also finished a skull tree painting.
And finally finished my Tentacle ornament

Finally, if you need a last minute costume idea for a baby why not dress her up as a companion cube.
Just click and save and then follow my old directions to make it.

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