Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Fatherwizard!

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to you today because I have a small proposition. See, our good friend FatherWizard and his family are in a bit of a pickle. An unexpected car unexpectedly doing unexpected things has caused it to die. Probably with a really sad death scene too.

I want to help, and I thought "Ah ha!" I'm pretty good at making trees. Trees people like. Such as the trees below.

And many more in various shades of colors, sizes, gnarledness.

Ah but the deal. The deal is this, you donate whatever you can spare to help Fatherwizard and I'll make you a tree, or something comparable if you don't like trees (philistine). How complicated and awesome it gets will depend upon the size of the donation.

Anything under $5 will run in the adorable palm sized on paper.

$10-$20 in the full sheet of paper big kahuna tree.

And if someone wants to kick in $50 I'll roll out the canvas!

After paying shipping on all those pretty paintings I'll donate the rest to FatherWizard. Cross my heart.

So if you want your own little (or big) tree painting/sketch/tattoo and to help out a wonderful man click the button below.

I'll get in contact with you about what kind of tree and what not you'd like, or I'll make you something nice if you can't decide.

Thanks for your time.

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