Monday, March 3, 2014

Free Book/Still Editing

To start off, for this week my first book I ever wrote, Tin Hero, is a free download on Smashwords.

You just have to use the code RW100 when checking out. And maybe sacrifice your first born or something, I never read the terms of service.

Now to that other book I have a little over ten days to finish. So...I have reached the point where I cannot stand a single word I wrote, I hate every idea I've ever had, and am looking into a deep cave and building a doomsday device.

But still plugging along...choo-choo!

When not reading through 200,000 words and change I've been doing the formatting/layout/making a book pretty stuff.
And there's also the map that I redrew because I really needed to.
I'm a little over 150 pages from this last major pass through then this manuscript is out of my hands and off into the ether. Then I never want to see another word ever again.

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