Monday, March 17, 2014

Hangin' of the Green

The manuscript is done, gone, out of my hands and into the wild blue yonder. To celebrate I took a much needed break from editing, reading, looking at, or being in the same vicinity as words. (I communicated through a series of pictographs). I also decided I wanted a springy wreath to hang upon the door.
Much like my old spider wreath I wanted something kind of simple and twiggy. So for $4 I got an 18" wreath of sticks, a $6 bag of moss and jammed the two together. I thought I'd have to hot glue the moss on at first, but then I realized I could just work it under the sticks in clumps. I'd add some below and some over top to give a lush look. It's so easy even I can do it.

 I still have about half the bag left so I can moss up something else.
It has a fresh breath of spring and looks a bit like an avant-garde bird tried to build a nest on my door. But as you can probably see, I wanted to add my own macabre touch. I chopped up one of my fairy skeletons and glued in the bones.

I wanted it to be subtle enough that most people probably wouldn't notice...until it was too late.
This is probably why I should stick to the wording. I make far more creepier stuff in the real world.

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