Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dancing Groot and other painting news

Normally I list a painting, spam the hell out of it on twitter, then blog about it the next day. This isn't a problem as paintings don't fly out of the door...except when they do.

Over the weekend, rather than work on my manuscript and in between bouts of mannequin sawing, I painted something. It was something I had in my head for a few days and wanted to get out onto canvas.
This is when I'd post the etsy listing to buy it, but alas, she's already sold. Sorry to raise your hopes only to crush them underfoot.

I did list for rather cheap one of my planet paintings. It used to live in my kitchen but got replaced by a reaper mirror. You know, just like Martha Stewart.

And now for some weirder painting news. Last week I was contacted by someone asking if I wanted to sell my paintings through their home decor website.

I asked if they were wearing a wire.

It's hard for me to look at my paintings as good. I settle on good enough, and try to sell them so I can have room for more paintings. But I filled out the form and crossed to the next level of third party selling.

There are only two up right now, my forest below painting and an old sunset one. I figured trees were the least likely to scare the normals of the world.

And that's been my week in paintings. Sorry about the baby groot. I have another idea for him involving a christmas ornament. Maybe I'll make it in time.

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