Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Isn't That Special

Twitter is not easy to explain to the uninitiated, but here's the short short version. People will type things, occasionally things that will get others to retweet it. Because of that I will see in my corner of the world thoughts from other people. Sometimes I reply to those people as well as my friends who retweeted it.

What occurred yesterday was exactly this. I don't have a screencap of the original "joke" but it was basically asking if the Royal Family was allowed to use Birth Control. IE shaming the Duchess and Duke for daring to have two children. Original, I know.

I responded with a Monty Python reference. Specifically the "We have two kids and we've only had sex twice."

First this person retweeted me so I assumed she got the joke:

But then this quickly followed
I searched for the Monty Python clip and sent that as an explanation. I don't expect everyone to get all my references, so I assumed I was being nice and she'd realize her mistake. But rather than admit she was wrong, she failed to get the joke, she doubled down on being a colossal that thing she assumes I have no idea how to use.
At this point I told her off, pointed out how fucking stupid she was for failing to admit it was a joke. Again, her response instead of admitting she was wrong was:
Now, the best fucking part to me is that this genius put a period before my name which means every single one of her measly followers saw that entire exchange. Which means anyone who knew Python or was at least smart enough to think "Hm, maybe that we had sex twice and have two children is a pretty obvious joke," saw just how off the rails she went.

It didn't end there either. She proceeded to call me all kinda of names and demeaned me with a sweetie.

The cheery on top of the shit sundae of all this is that according to her profile she's an inclusive feminist.


Let's see, in the random exchange you had with me you implied asexuals either don't exist or deserve to be cheated on, and you called a grown woman "Sweetie."

Pretty sure that puts her in the company of most MRA spouting Dudebros, actually.

They say in writing "show, don't tell," but that's also true of life. I could claim I'm a fire breathing dragon, but if I don't dribble napalm from my mouth, buffet leathery wings, or horde gold in my vast caverns, I'm just full of shit.

Calling yourself feminist, welcoming of everyone, accepting of everyone, means technicolor crayola crapola when you use and demean others to belittle someone (you don't even know. I have no fucking idea who this person is.)

Life is all show, don't tell.

Oh, and if you obviously missed a joke, admit your damn mistake. It makes you really pathetic when you dig your heels in and refuse to admit you're an idiot.

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