Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Halloween Treats

It's the exact middle of September, that hazy golden time when all stores finally scrape away the crusty bits of Back To School but two weeks before Christmas begins its tinsel cacophony.

Halloween Time!

I thought for certain that Target would have it's stuff out this second weekend in September. My hopes lit when I saw a few cute little Halloween things in their $1 cheap shit bins.

But the back walls were nothing but picked over pencils and binders no one seemed in the mood to move. You're dead to me Target.

Yet hope springs eternal in the form of Walgreens. They've been more miss than hit the past few years, but Walgreens is always good for things I don't see anywhere else, and they were no exception this go around. A few adorable dancing things, a crap ton of Nightmare Before Christmas Stuff, and this rat.

I've seen the half rat prop before, usually flailing in a trap or gnawing on something undead. I'm not big into gory so it got a meh. But I fell so badly for the rat chewing away on some potato chips.
It's probably because I watched the hell out of Charlotte's Web as a child, but I had to name the rat Templeton. I wish it sounded like Paul Lynde.

The tombstone got a paint job. I liked the base but it needed some help.
On to the food portion of Halloween.

At Shopko I found these suckers that have bones for sticks! A brilliant idea attached to a rather nasty tasting sucker. Oh well. At least I'll have a ton of bones left over when it's done and I can look like I'm gnawing on a fairy as I suffer through them.

The skull I got from Home Depot. Pretty good deal since it was under $18. But the real point of this picture is those Cheetos. Bone Cheetos! Make your own skeleton Cheetos! Who cares about unicorn tear flavored Lays when we have bone cheetos over here people!
I've been busy updating my Zazzle store with some things, so here comes a vast array of ideas I had.

First up, the open grave car mats.
I had the skeleton grave image from a few years back and Zazzle started offering car mats so I combined the two.

On CafePress I created my first ever rug. It's Stairs to Nowhere for people who wants to have a fake basement.

And finally I fixed up some pictures of Hel and put that on things.

That was the Halloween portion of my weekend that didn't involve power tools. Target's still on the list though. You better have your stuff out this weekend, I need the lights to make something.

Damn you, Target!

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Jolene Dretzka said...

I LOVE Halloween & all the goodies you've been sharing with us in your blog! That's an understatement, I'm obsessed with Halloween , Dia de los Muertos, skeletons & anything related to any of the 3 things I just referenced. My obsession is so bad that I drive my boyfriend nuts with it year round. Anyway, thank you for sharing all the goodies you found & thanks for doing it here on your blog with people like me;-) I just need to confirm a thing or two, because I must have some, if they are still selling them, the skeleton Cheetos that is. So, are they still selling them? Did you say you got them at Target? And, how much were they? Sorry to hassle you over something you may have already answered, but I must confirm simple things like this as a person without a vehicle. When you don't have a vehicle you have to know what & where to find what you need before you leave the house because if it's not there, it may be a long, long time before you get a second chance to get the item you desire or need (both in this case , LOL). Anyway, build-your-own-skeleton Cheetos is the item I must have since you kindly shared it in your awesome blog that I just discovered. Thanks a million & feel free to hassle me at my blog, The Ranting Bookworm, sometime if you ever feel the urge. You can do that at:
You Rock!