Monday, September 1, 2014

Skeleton Mannequin

You may remember that for my birthday I got my own personal mannequin for crazy cheap at a sidewalk sale.

She sat naked in my garage fora few months while I waited for stores to get their Halloween stuff in.
Viva la labor day, because I managed to get a skull masquerade mask that was perfect for my evil plans.

First step was figuring out how to get into the mannequin's face. Out came the drill. I perforated her with a series of holes and then used a reciprocating blade to slice in.
After that it was just evening out with a dremel, cutting up the skull, slotting it in and hot gluing. I also diced up a section of her chest and glued in some ribs.

That gave me this:

I'll see you in your dreams!
I also scored a mace over the weekend from the dollar store. It was pretty boring plastic but with the power of spray paint I took it from left to right.
You can do almost anything with spray paint.

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