Monday, September 8, 2014

My new Kitty

There's someone at the back door, scratching to get in. Will you get her?

I call her Skelena Kyle (at least for now) and got her over the weekend. I've had my eye on the cat skeleton since about July (as well as the other prop later in this post) and I was getting one this year, damn it! Spirits was a bit too pricey for my blood, but Shopko had one. I'm still waiting on Target, like every damn year, but they were in theory supposed to have some as well.
Es isn't certain what to make of the usurper.
The other prop I've wanted and scored was this fire and ice spotlight. I have no idea what the ice part is about, but it handles fire beautifully.

Here I placed it in my dog's food bowl and pointed it at the wall.
Then I tried it against Hel and a prop I haven't quite finished or told you about yet. (All in good time, I promise)

There's a rotating yellow inside the red that gives it, while not quite a perfect flame look, a still spooky burning look. I'm thinking I'll use it on my dragon cave/forest behind it this year.

Since we're still not quite done, I also put up my Halloween Town this year. I didn't add anything new, just put the bits in new places and took pictures. Here are a few of the samplings. If you want to see all of the pieces click here.

How long until Halloween?

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