Thursday, May 7, 2015

iZombie: Dead Air

iZombie wastes no time in jumping into bed with Liv getting the mother of all foot rubs from Lowell - her YA hero zombie heartthrob. This is just to tie back in with the theme of the episode, so we don't spend much time on the zombies are bonking now thread. We have to check on Major Ken Doll who once again got his ass kicked, this time in jail. Ah TV land where cops also corrupt to white Abercrombie and Fitch models.

After Liv ignored Major's calls, Ravi's on the scene to pick up his weeks old roommate from jail. That is some serious dedication from someone who barely knows him. I know who I'm calling if I ever need to hide any bodies. This also gives Ravi plenty of time to finish the prison copy of Highlights (the magazine that no one prints but appears fully formed inside every dentist/doctor office across the country). Ignoring the implications that jails need to have kid's magazines strewn about, we see Liv's roommate is back from her banishment into the negative zone.

Peyton goes all lawyer-y on the clerk who doesn't give much of a shit and gets the Ken Doll sprung. Ravi gets a chill from watching her work because this is the sex and love episode, and begs Liv to set them up. She blows him off repeatedly, leading to her tapping into out newest brain of the week - courtesy of one Sasha, who's playing the part of the sexed up radio jockey that talks in a catwoman purr and tells people to DTMF.

Because Liv must still have some ESP from the psychic's brains she ate off screen, she tunes into Sasha's show for the first time before the brain eating and can't stop listening to someone called Cheated on in Chattanooga. CoiC keeps threatening to kill her husband's lover and taunts Sasha. As Ravi's about to tell Liv about Major once again getting his ass handed to him they hear the sounds of static and Sasha crying out as she falls dead on air.


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