Thursday, May 28, 2015

iZombie: Astroburger

I take notes during an episode to help with my recaps, and my very first one for this episode is: "Someone watched too much One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." I'm shocked Nurse Ratched didn't pop up in a giant goofy hat. I was waiting to find out Major got stuck in a tiny room with an exploding roommate. Getting away from parody country and stock photo caricature, Major's waiting to play chess with Scott E, the big fan of zombies from last week (and they never once make a Star Trek joke - wasted potential).

Because Major's job in life is to get himself into mortal danger at every opportunity, he abandons the common room to look for Scott E and finds his corpse in a bathtub. The wrists were slit, but as Ravi points out the water's not bloody enough. Someone did it after he was already dead to make it look like a suicide.

But our poor dead Scott E (not even one red shirt crack? Fine) was on that famous boat party massacre and he got video of zombies not dancing to thriller. Major tells Liv that Scott E sent this zombie video off to a guy he knew in the news and then winds up dead.

Liv's finally realizing that maybe letting Major check himself in wasn't the smartest move after all.  "Turns out it's a great place to get murdered and learn about zombies." Almost like a zombie mafia with ties to the police might be watching mental institutions as well.

Ravi's concerned about Liv noshing on Scott E's brains because he has a date with Peyton. Who? Oh, right. That other woman who's added almost nothing to the plot, character development, or had more than five lines. Weird that I keep forgetting about her.

It's so bad, last week when Liv was in a "I watched Blaine shoot my sort of zombie boyfriend" and she got a text from Peyton I fully forgot who the hell that was and expected it to be part of the brain of the week investigation. I'm taking notes and jotting down names and I forgot about her roommate who must have another three homes for how little she's in the apartment.

Pretty sure we've seen the Lieutenant more times than Peyton. My point is, if she's your "Look, we've got another woman in the cast" checkmate, you're failing miserably at it.

Anyway, to the date that feels less like one and more like Peyton's having some friends over to watch an old Hitchcock movie. Sorry Ravi, it's not a date when she insists her roommate stays. Though, since they never see each other, maybe Peyton needed to remind herself Liv still existed and wanted to streamline the whole thing.

Since it wasn't awkward enough, Major stops by and gets invited on this romantic date. They're set to watch Vertigo which Ravi hasn't seen (or probably most of the viewing audience), when Liv gives that concerned glance towards the man who just got out of a mental institution from 1985 and suggests they try a different movie. Major quips "So I'm guessing no one's gonna let me watch Harvey either. Some real Jimmy Stewart haters here." During college could this group only get TCM? Are they all secret hipsters? What's with the name dropping of sorry, very old movies. I'm older than the actors by a few years (I think I'm in Generation Robot Apocalypse) and I only know of Harvey because I was a weird as hell kid. Sorry writers, your quips are great, but you might want to update them by a few decades.


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