Friday, May 22, 2015

Pink is not less than Blue

Supergirl in Pink
The trailer for the coming CBS Supergirl show dropped and the way people reacted you'd think the creators used Flash's superspeed to travel back in time to kick everyone's childhood.

As you can see, after the obligatory "My name is..." opening that every single tv show has to start with now, we find our Supergirl isn't super at all yet. She's doing menial things, menial girly things! AAHHHHH!!!!

The reaction was as surprising as a sunset to the inclusion of clothing, dating, or anything with that tinge of feminine pink:
See! You can't have punching next to girly shit. That's like impossible. Punching is serious business that only men and women who aren't like those other girls can do. But fashion? That's silly stuff those ladies play with until they find a husband. It's not important like building an earthquake machine or unleashing a horde or superpowered men on a city because someone hurt your feelings. That's true man shit there.

Everyone is rushing to call it trite and stereotypical (and tell the same stupid joke about SNL over and over and over again) because all they can see is oh god, girly shit! Girly shit is bad! Only boy shit matters!

And we're here yet again.

Anything within the sphere of feminine is and has always been downgraded and cast aside as if it's little more than a trifle or distraction. The ladies are just doing some housework, they're just raising kids, they're just playing with makeup or clothes, while the men get on with the important business of making another batman movie.


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