Monday, May 4, 2015

Cover Reveal - a year late!

Poor King's Blood. Due to the stress and madness heaped on that Lulu contest "win," I fell fully out of love with that book.

If you need a primer on what all happened last year:

1. Won a contest

2. Got the shittiest cover options ever and whipped my own together in limited time.

3. Had to do all the marketing stuff we were promised by myself.

Because of that massive let down, I burned out big time (having to get a rough draft to book state in a fucking month will do that). But now I'm back and trying to drag that book out of its early grave first with a new cover.

Ta da!

Stick around, tomorrow there's gonna be big ol book announcements. Deals. Okay. There will be lots of deals and not just for The King's Blood.

Waggles eyebrows

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