Thursday, May 14, 2015

iZombie: Patriot Brains

These recaps are a goldmine of spoilers but if you didn't watch this weeks episode, really don't read this until you do. Don't worry. I'll wait. *taps foot*

Done now? Okay, good.

After a "Last time on iZombie" we're back with Liv in the Willy Wonka glass elevator. She tries to hide her face in her hoodie as Blaine gets on. Hoodies are the CW answer to disguises, despite her clearly being stark white and acting weird as hell she's incognito. Try to ignore someone who cinched a hood around their head and is covering their face with their hands. You can't. It screams "Please look at me! I'm about to do something weird!"

Back in the lab, Ravi's taking notes after his zombie rat bite. I was hoping we'd skip over the needless "I can't tell you I may have contacted zombie rabies so I wouldn't worry you" drama, but it was not to be. Rather than come clean with Liv, Ravi bumbles a bit and wipes his research off the table. Liv's in a state from realizing her boyfriend is eating the brains of murdered teenagers. She rants to Ravi about finding Blaine and his "zombie meals on wheels program," giving the guy plenty of opportunities to NOT TELL LIV ABOUT THE ZOMBIE RAT BITE!

You have one trustworthy zombie you know right there, but you won't tell her because...

Major, having gotten himself a gun from the back of an SUV that was also moving counterfeit girlscout cookies, is prepping by watching youtube vids about shooting. Oh Ken Doll, only you would think that watching people to learn how to aim is better than actually going to a firing range. I'd half expect him to trap his thumb in the firing mechanism the first time. Whenever he's on screen I want to pat him on the head and say "Oh you!"

I'm impressed that his face still looks like hamburger. It's rare to see such lasting bruising over three episodes - and probably more since this guy cannot stop getting his ass in trouble. But we'll save that for later.


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