Thursday, March 20, 2008

But I don't wanna shower!

We've been having an interesting time of trying to include my fiancee's family (especially his mother) as they are a good 8 hours away.

I feel bad generally just bringing up wedding stuff with other people because I don't understand how they can really care unless it specifically affects them (their dress is late, they're allergic to chocolate, they have a deep fear of cardboard). So I do my best to not start talking about it until someone else brings it up.

As my mother's already gone off the deep end and made all the decorations for the ceremony I just wasn't sure what all my fiancee's mother could do. She went with us to look at a possible reception site but I could tell she wasn't really all that excited about it (whole nother long boring explanation).

Anyway, last night she calls saying she has this idea that we should go see them some weekend for a shower for her side of the family. That way they can do all their family traditions (no idea what this means), and all the rites and stuff (really getting scared now!) I still haven't really warmed to the idea of me having one shower (but as I planned one for my Best Friend she was gonna plan one for me) and now I suddenly might have to have two!

Besides I'd much rather get together with my friends and invade a gremlin infested land than have to sit through shower games where you have to go through people's purses and attack them with clothes pins.

I really need to find myself an invisibility cloak before any of these showers start.

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Guilty Secret said...

The shower tradition hasn't hit UK yet... you're making me think that might be a good thing!