Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boulder Fight

I'm in anti-wedding mode, so instead I've decided to have a

Boulder Fight!

I'm just trying to figure out this whole unexpected shower thing. My best friend and MOH mentioned how she'd be willing to make the long trek with me to have to talk to a bunch of people she's never met, but it falls during her trip to Canada.

I don't know if it means she really wants to go, is just humoring me because "I'm the bride" (I hate that saying just as much as "shipping and handling" by the way), or is upset because she's missing out on the chance to make me look like a dork.

In retrospect probably the last bit. We spent most of college trying to make dorks out of ourselves. Spray insulation foam!

Otherwise I'm trying to help/encourage a bachelor party while we are in for the shower for my future groom. I'm aware of guys planning abilities so I figured I'd have to throw out the idea and encourage him to talk to his groomsmen. Possible even buy a stripper or two.

What do they go for anymore? Can you get one on eBay?

1 comment:

Guilty Secret said...

Oh man, you have to go all that way to be 'showered' by people you hardly know...? Ouch!