Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Start of it all

Heaven help me, but I never really thought I would be getting married. 

Then I had to go off and meet someone who as my best friend put it "Is weird and you're weird so you're perfect for each other."

I'm the exact opposite of my sister, who craves constant attention and had her princess wedding crap planned from the day she was walking. Instead I would like to hide in dog houses, disappear in those clothing racks and just in general hold my hands up to my face assuming it meant no one could see me.

Now I'm thrown into the scariest idea ever. I'm the BRIDE, not a nice normal calm and simple noun like say cheese. No, I have to be something in giant capital letter (with possibly an exclamation point thrown in here and there too).

Anyway, after all this mad ramblings, I figured I'd try adding my two cents on trying to plan a wedding where we work to not only keep it simple and us but also use my amazing powers to make someone anyone else the center of attention.

I wonder if they make Camouflaged wedding dresses?


sjparrott said...

Hey Sabrina! This is Sara from wedding book. I figured I would check out your blog, oh and they do make camoflage wedding dresses...I saw it on "my big redneck wedding!"

Blablover5 said...

I think I'd want one with the fake leaves and branches the military uses.

Guilty Secret said...

Great start... I have a feeling yours is going to make for a very interesting wedding story :)