Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a watershed moment!

You know I've never understood exactly what a watershed is supposed to be. Is it like a water closet outside?

Okay so I'm having an outhouse moment.

So we're going to go and look at the church and finalize some stuff tonight (thankfully I am working with some friends I have
watched get drunk so I got enough black mail I think we can get away with a lot) and then tomorrow with his parents who are visiting we're gonna go and check out the most likely reception hall.

It's almost eerie. Does this mean I actually have to get married? I have to go through with it all? I have to do the Chicken dollar dance?!!! (we're gonna cut down on time by making every dance
double up)

Hopefully I'll get over it all by tomorrow when I head home and then get to do more dress shopping (please dear God let her find something, anything. A potato sack would be fine at this point)!

On another note, I am rather proud of myself. I found a nice way to do that stupid RSVP card thing. Everyone kept pimping the idea of getting postcards because they have cheaper postage but the only invi
tes we found that we liked had those stupid little cards that were almost the price of the damn invitations themselves.

So I found myself some response postcards that were only $5 for 25 because I didn't even need to personalize them. I mean what's the point of having a nice looking RSVP card. In the end the guests should only have it long enough to fill it out. Maybe some cheaper looking ones will even encourage people to mail them in more. Or they'll just be used as coasters.

Anywho, here's the site I got them from.

Of the Earth-postcard response.

Here's some pictures
of the church


Guilty Secret said...

I agree, fancy RSVP cards are a waste of money as people look at them for a minute then send them back to you.

We're ditching them altogether and having people RSVP online.

AF said...

I just came across your blog, and I'm delighted to read it! My fiancee and I are both introverted brides, so I have a feeling much of this will be helpful and/or comforting. :)

Also, thanks for the link to the invitation site! Somehow I had missed them when looking for on-line invitation stores.