Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I hate shoes. I have always hated shoes (and no one should ever take me shoe shopping). If given the option I will go barefoot (and since my feet are rarely trapped inside a shoe they smell quite lovely). I love the houses where they encourage you to take your shoes off so you don't mess up the carpet. I don't really feel like I can relax if my shoes are on.

I can get so bad I'll walk to the mailbox barefoot in any weather (and yes I have done it with snow on the ground before). It's the whole having to trap my feet in between pieces of leather that just bothers me.

So somewhere along the line I realized that I had to come up with some kind of really nice and fancy shoe for the wedding. Awe crap. I hate dress shoes even more than tennies. It's like torture times 10. Plus I have no discerning taste for what is cute in a shoe and what isn't. All I know is the levels of entrapment. Sandals rates about a 3, while those evil grecian shoes about a 9.5.

After some looking around, keeping my eyes open, possibly having to face the idea of wearing heels (which would lead to much entertainment for the guests but a broken ankle for me) I lucked out and found some simple white sandals (from Target) that didn't have the flip flop toe killer in the middle.

The only drawback is that there really is no arch to these things. So after some thinking and squishing in the store I decided to get myself some gel inserts. They're so comfy and fun to stand on and while the blue will be poking out all over the place I've just decided that if anyone does see them then I can say hey it's more of my something blue.

Hurray, I don't have to think about shoes anymore. Well till my bridesmaids started asking me what shoes they should wear.

I don't get the point of the dyeable shoes that are supposed to match the dress color. Really, who would ever wear a plum shoe again? Since my girls are all wearing tea-length dresses they seem to think it's important but I just say let them wear something they already have in their closet. They won't have to buy anything new (and can save some money to spend on something more fun than shoes) and they'll already be broken in. I'm kinda hoping my MOH will show up in her crocs cause it'd be entertaining.

I guess shoes goes right up there on my list of things I don't care or know anything about so I'm gonna pass the buck.

Anyone else hate shoes as much as I do? Anyone got the cajones to actually go barefoot (which I thought about but realized that October cement is usually quite cold)?


Anonymous said...

My wedding is about a year from now, the end of the second week of May. The processional will be outdoors. I'm seriously thinking of going barefoot.

I HATE shoes with a passion. Hate then. Did I mention the hate? Yes, hate. I have really high arches, which makes normal shoes unsupportive and chafing on the top of my foot. Heels? Damn, I'm already 6' 0". I don't get heels, truly. I understand they're comfortable on some people, but even though I've tried, tried, tried over the years to get used to them in various ways, I'm quitting the torture.

Also, my logic behind going barefoot in the wedding: during the reception I inevitably *always* take off my shoes. I kid you not. Whenever I go to dances or events like that, my shoes always end up under the table, and I'm on the dance floor. ;) So it's inevitable, I should just give in. Where can one get those strap-on sandaly-things that protect the bottom of your feet but make it look like you're barefoot? Dancers use them... hmm. ;)

Blablover5 said...

My feet have magical properties I swear. They're always soft but I can walk across rocks.

I know you could use some furniture sealent on your feet to keep them water tight and also stronger! Good luck getting it off though.

professional daydreamer said...

i'm going to be barefoot at my wedding, but it will be outdoors and in the summer. i figure if i was able to go barefoot at my best friend's wedding as moh in some catholic church, i should certainly be able to go barefoot at my own. heels are evil. at 5'10" the only thing i'd need heels for is to make myself my sister's height -- wholly unnecessary. dressy shoes just hurt. i'd rather feel the grass between my toes.

Anonymous Me said...

Omg! I thought I was the only one who hated shoes so much, she walks to her mail box barefooted! (except for the fact that my drive way is made up of rocks.) some small some big some sharp. I live down a really long road that I have to walk down every day after school, and one day, i just couldn't stand my shoes any more, I took them off and walked the entire mile to my house barefoot. In the scorching heat. I didn't realize it, but I had burnt my feet PRETTY bad. I couldn't walk the next day and had to skip school (yay) But yeah. I hate shoes.