Thursday, May 29, 2008

I like shiny stuff

I am not an accessory kind of person. I like to joke with my guy how for a long time he wore more jewelry than me (him: watch, school ring; me: watch). While my engagement ring has tipped the scales it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. But come wedding talk and everyone seems to think I should be decorating myself up all fancy.

Earrings won't happen. I'd had my ears pierced twice in my lifetime and both times they closed up. I have since learned my body does not like holes in it, or I have a healing factor to rival deadpool. And clip ons have always been insanely painful to me. Really, who wants to spend hours getting pinched in their ears? It feels like I did something wrong but I can't figure out what.

So really my only option was a necklace. My mother was dead set on how I had to find something blue to match my ring, so began a long look for a blue brooch (at the time she wanted to replace one that was on my dress). After some hunting and pecking I was directed to and found the quite pretty cobalt blue glass piece pictured above (the silver chain I got from Target as everyone I know likes to use gold).

If you're like me and like to add a bit of color for your accessories then it seems DIY is a better approach than just purchasing a bridal set. Some have color but not as much (what is it with all the white, people?) There are a few sites out there to help in deciding what kind of bling you'd like to accentuate your perfect scrumdidilyumptios day. For the more traditional out there, there are the classic pearls. Apparently they can be traced back to those trendsetter english queens again.

If you can't tell by now, I know nothing about jewelry and I never will. This is mostly just me marking time. So I wish you all luck in figuring out your shiny stuff. Later I'll talk about something I understand even less: purses, tiaras, and gloves. Look forward to lots of ums and ahings.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that necklace is freaking BEAUTIFUL.

I hate to hijack your idea but, well, uh.... I might have to hijack your idea. :D :D :D

(oh, and btw, DF doesn't like jewelry, either. Getting him to wear the ring will be a battle. He's offered to wear it as a necklace, instead. We'll see. :) )

Blablover5 said...

Sure go for it. Sadly the seller is out of the cobalt blue but she has tons of other gorgeous colors.

The funny thing is when we get married my finace will be wearing more jewelry than me again. MWHAHAHA

professional daydreamer said...

ooh, shinies. i love shiny things, but i'm awful about wearing jewelry, even though i've got quite a lot of it. there are two necklaces i sometimes wear (tiny pendants on silver chains, both), but my everyday jewelry consists of my promise ring and a medic-alert bracelet. of five holes punched in my head, i still have one. it's just how things go.

your chosen wedding necklace is absolutely gorgeous. i *love* the color. etsy is the awesomest.

i notice that your engagement ring isn't "traditional." how do people tend to react to that? do they recognize it as an engagement ring, or is this something that they don't immediately understand? i ask because i don't really want a shiny white rock, but i also want people to recognize my engagement ring as a symbol of, well, engagement. we're leaning towards something tiny and sparkly with white cz as a compromise between societal expectations and my own ethics. has this kind of issue come up for you?

(also, hi! first-time commenter. i found you through bigliberty's sidebar links, and i think you are awesome. it's so nice to find someone planning a wedding who hasn't been zombified by princessification and

Blablover5 said...

With my engagement ring, most people know what it is and don't question it (the only one who said anything was my sister who I don't get along with).

I think colored stones are getting more popular. I remember when we came in to make it (which is nice to do as well as you don't just come in a pick one out but spend some time on it) the jeweler said something about how Princess Diana's ring was a sapphire (yeah great example). I think most people will realize what it is, and if they don't well they probably aren't worth talking too.

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