Friday, May 23, 2008

No mini-me's here

It never entered my mind that my flower girl (the short one aka the 5 year old not the 21 year old) would wear one of those poufy white dresses that cost as much as a grown up dress. She's a lot like her mother anyway, and there's a good chance that if she didn't like the dress she'd rip it off and run around naked.

Instead we went wandering around Target one day looking for a bridesmaid dress (more about that whole idea later) and came across a perfect dress. It's quite simple with pretty blue polka dots and a really pretty sheen that makes it look a like fancier than it is. Plus it only cost $17 instead of $100.

While I don't know if you'd ever really want to say register at Target, they do have some really nice and cheap options for a flower girls dress. One pink, two pink, yellow fish, green fish.

If you have your heart set on white for your little girl(s) there are some better options than an overpriced bridal salon. Communion dresses are a good way to go, especially if you have an older girl. But if it just must be a flower girls dress, there are a few cheap websites out there to help you out.

On the ring bearers side of things we also got some adorable options from department and retail stores. One is from a Shopko, which I am sure most of you have never heard of and sadly I don't have a picture or link to. Just picture a really cute little buisnessman suit with a blue shirt. The other ring bearer will be sporting a really cute green shirt, vest and pants combo. (He also just had to show me his outfit when I last visited). Easter is a great time to find really cheap and simple outfits for girls and boys.

As my MOH is finding out for her sister's wedding (the green ringbearer for me) if you are just going to have your bearers of rings not in a tux do not demand that she find a certain color of button up shirt. It is about impossible to find a red button up shirt for a 4 year old.

And for accessories, I'm still thinking I should give all the kids some rub on tattoos so they'll look super hot the day of the wedding.

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