Friday, May 23, 2008

A Quickie

Nothing too exciting, but I seem to suddenly be coming across a ton of articles on brides trying to lose weight. Especially with the release of the Wii-fit, something I am still torn about (you can't think of a better way to get women to play video games without trying losing weight with it, not to mention the fact they'll make your Mii based upon your BMI?)

Here's a good series of articles on just how prevalent it all really is.

All I can think after reading this is why isn't there pressure on the grooms (not that there should be)? How come the guys can just look like themselves when they get married but women can't? Something to think about if you feel you should take Alli just to lose those last 10 pounds for your wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just make you want to scream in horror and madness and run into the deep dark black of the cold night?

...well, most of the time. But then I remember that *I* am not going to be gaining that weight back after the wedding, unlike the brides who are starving and abusing their bodies to fit that sample size that's still so tight they'll pass out standing next to Mr. Groom at the altar.

I am going to be the same size, enjoying myself, not worried about all that emotional bullshit wrapped up in weight gain/loss/neverending yoyo cycling/etc.

Even if I'm not going to be wearing a sample size in my pictures. Big friggin deal.

Oh, and as for the Mr Groom thing --- I think the haircut is the biggest guy thing, and also getting a properly tailored tux or something like that. But even those rules are bent for guys, and they're certainly not asking guys to change their bodies so they can "fill out the arms" of the tux or somesuch nonsense.

Patooey to it all. Why would anyone want to get married if it's torture? Enjoy yourself!!