Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And she is outta here

I have absolutely no grasp of what will be crazy popular and sell in days (or that one wild time, minutes) and what will sit in my shop gathering dust.

(I still can't believe no one wanted my witch, come on she's awesome in a spooky sorta way).

But I do know one thing (aside from how to make ice cream soup), if I do sell one in a few days it means that I'm bundling up my painting and shipping it off to a friend (and someone you probably all know) and not one of those stranger dangers.

And so it goes with my Black and White Foggy Forest of Snow and Fog (I also suck at titles):

I painted this early Saturday Morning, getting an idea to make a simpler black and grey twisty forest trapped in the snow. More of a modern, elegant, simple *trendy buzzword not found* look.

But since I have almost no grasp on what will grab people and what won't I like to put some of my weirder ideas to a pendant.

Like a Stegosaurus that's blue! I know, I know, that's just so out there I should expect a call from the madhouse any day now asking if I've seen their pants.

Everyone knows Steggy's were green and tan, but there ya go. My blue and yellow dinner plated thunder lizard.

Well that about catches you up on my latest painting escapades as of late (though if you want to really know in excruciating detail all of my latest paintings my Painting Gallery is updated).

The entire point of this post was to just remind you of just one thing.




You know you want to check it out, cause it's a free iPod people!


I'm pissed because one of those Giveaway Blogs found my iPod giveaway and so a ton of people who have never been here before and will never be back are signing up.

So if you really read this blog(and I can tell because they only link to the one post) and still want to enter but haven't yet do it here on this post and not the other.

Let's just say the official ballot is gonna get some editing done after this. Luckily I have an easy cutoff point because the evil blog post just went up at 8 this morning so all before count. All after will accidentally be mailed to Florida with some hanging chads.


Chesney said...

Wow, I just got back from peeking into your store, I can't believe all of the new pieces you have added, it looks great! I really like your new winter tree one...

Atchka! said...

So, wait, I have to re-register? Man, you're really pushing a lazy man's willpower to win free crap.

I hereby register.
I hereby follow.
I hereby wear silly hats with paintings attached.


megan said...

Haha! Sabrina, you're awesome.

JuliaA said...

i like the winter trees painting. i have a thing for the aesthetics of bare trees...they're so pretty.

i found you thru a giveaway blog but found your writing charming, so i'm a follower now. i didn't mention that in my giveaway comment.

JuliaA said...

tip: don't email the winner, post the winner's name in a blog post so that they can comment or contact you or whatev. that way you'll know that the winner is a blog reader.

Princess Christy said...

Hehehe - I love how you know that they did it.... silly evils.

Allison said...

I am re-entering through this post, yes I am a follower, yes I do read your blog!! Your winter tree painting is so serene, beautiful. Lovely!

Bri said...

I LOVE that witch but the shipping to Australia kills me : (

Anonymous said...

How funny! I'd love to register...and I am a real person who reads your blog regularly. I like the black and white tree's hard to know what others will like....are is so subjective like that. But as long as you like it and are enjoying painting, that's the most important thing, I think anyways. Thanks!