Friday, January 8, 2010

'Ze Birthday Cake Training

'Ello 'Ello

Welcome one and all to 'Ze Birthday Cake Training Facility.

I am your instructor Jean Claude Van GoshDarnit.

Do you all know why you are here? Yes, 'zat is right. You created some of 'ze worst birthday cakes the world has ever seen and have been ridiculed by your friends and family (you should really get some better friends and family, it is just a cake after all).

But 'zat shall never happen again.

You shall work harder than you have ever done in your life. Your forearms will burn from all 'ze stirring. Your eyes will melt from all 'ze painstaking pouring. And we may have to amputate a finger or two from all 'ze pipetting.

Are you ready to atone for your past miztakes?

Another year, another chance to try and frost a cake to some sort of acceptable level, and due to the snow/cold and nasty ice it's an even bigger challenge because everything has to be handmade from scratch.

Some days I think I'm the only crazy person in the world who does all her completely from scratch baking using only a hand mixer. I just always thought only big time bakers got the fancy stand mixers. But then it wouldn't be a challenge I suppose.

Once again I made my hubby a banana cake but instead of using canned frosting I had my first foray into making my own. I went the cream cheese way and I have to say it tastes pretty good. But you're not here for the taste, you all want to see what this thing looks like.

Well here is this years Birthday Cake:

I actually got some piping tips that I was able to use to spell out "Happy Birthday" and then because I've never messed with any of them before I made weird squiggles all up and down the sides.

But of course that wasn't enough, so I put some of my husbands favorite animal sprinkles all over.

It's baby sea turtles!

And this is my atonement for this year. It isn't fancy, it isn't straight and it barely makes sense but 'zis is a much better cake 'zan my chocolate yellow goo from last year.

Oh and because I'm in such a jolly mood, if you wish my hubby a happy birthday I'll throw in an extra entry into the ipod giveaway (only for the real entries of course *wink* *wink*).


blueskies16 said...

Well, happy birthday to your dear husband! Cake looks nice, and I'll bet it was delicious. This one is definitely more mainstream than last year's cake, but that one had its own Art Cake charm, imvho.

I once attempted to create a cake that looked like a yellow monitoring device installed on a ship on which my husband was working. WHY my dh asked me to make it is a long story. It was a disaster, because I got too ambitious. Suffice to say, only the top went to the little gathering for which it was requested, because the base kept collapsing. I remember throwing my icing spatula across the kitchen more than once that night.

If only I had known about 'ZBCTF!!

Chesney said...

Hey that is a pretty darn good looking cake, much prettier than mine usually turn out!

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and lots of cake) goes out to your hubby today...make it a fun day for him! :)

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!!
I think that your cake looks awesome; last years cake wasn't that bad in my opinion. If you put enough icing on anything it makes up for visual appeal. Much better than any decorating I have ever tried & I always start with VERY good intentions. My daughter's birthday is next week & she has already made me promise to get her a cookie cake from a local bakery (she does not like cake. I have doubts that she is actually my child) I tried to do a cookie cake for her one year with disasterous results, thus this years promise!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

I love sea turtles. I saw one in Mexico for my friends destination wedding. It was so awesome. Can i have a piece of the cake?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Husband!

Your cake is much improved compared to last years - imagine what next years is going to look like! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Your cake looks fabulous - I love the colors. I am attempting to make my fiance a birthday cake in a few days...I am expecting something fit for Cake Wrecks. But yours looks very nice indeed!

PS love the turtles!

megan said...

I didn't know that sea turtles were your husband's favorite animal... they're MY favorite animal too! They're considered "aumakua" in Hawaii -- like a spirit guide or totem. They're amazing.

megan said...

oh also... where the heck did you get those sprinkles!?

Leslie said...

So I'm slow, does it count that I wished him Happy Bday on facebook?