Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Demon Warriors

Allow me to welcome each and every one of you to our Quest to destroy the Evils that haunt Monday Land.

Once a week we all band together, strap on our weapon bedazzled avatars and wade deep into the trenches to defeat all those Monday Horrors that keep us from a wonderful start to the week.

Anyone is welcome to join at anytime. We could always use another warrior, mage, rogue or someone who serves delicious snack cakes at the bar. (This is also an attempt at bringing together twitter and blogger in what could either be a colossal failure or an awesomeness that blinds the very fabric of space, or something like that.)

I shall get things started by posting the basics of the quest and what is required; then, throughout the day the band of merry Monday Demon Warriors will chime in with either tweets or comments to guide the quest along.

I will copy and paste those comments/tweets into this blog post which will get bigger and more menacing throughout the day til I decide it's finally time to reveal the big bad boss fight. Anyone at anytime can play, put in a few little comments or follow this thing through to the end. It's entirely up to you.

So let us get started, shall we?

Hello #MDW your boss and quest master here. We've got quite a doozy ahead of us today.

Apparently no one's heard anything from the land of Nod for going on 5 months now (we should really build a better message system than just pasting a letter to a pig and seeing where it winds up) and it's up to us to venture forth and see what has happened to the soporific villagers.

We've been granted a nice map of our fair lands that covers some of the famous land marks and wacky characters that make up MondayLand.

I'd suggest checking out the map, getting a good sense of where we should head first (hint hint, big black lines I already drew) and then sending out a small party to scout ahead.

Or if you have any other questions, comments, or lewd songs leave a message after the beep.

Feel free to click on the map to see a much larger version (soak in all the lovely details).

To Slumber Mountain and the land of Nod!

*update 1:50 PM*

HellenaHeavenly NOW.....sneak..........................

stepharooni @HellenaHeavenly Good, I hate licorice 

@HellenaHeavenly Can I swat at a couple just for giggles?

HellenaHeavenly @stepharooni Swat at one of the bats? yes...but make sure PETA isn't watching

stepharooni @HellenaHeavenly Aw, damn. *looks around* Hrmph! *swats at a bat*

@HellenaHeavenly You have spells against being tar and feathered?

HellenaHeavenly @stepharooni Fire can turn the tar bubbling hot and make it burst all over them *ffffffoooom*

stepharooni @HellenaHeavenly Oh fun! I just hope PETA doesn't tar me. :o

HellenaHeavenly @rebisAZ WHA!!!! Lord Licorice infiltration on hold.....setting targets for your bosses. They get fricassed 

HellenaHeavenly @stepharooni PETA would try, but I shant let them

stepharooni @HellenaHeavenly @rebisAZ YES, but not before I HACK them into a bajillion pieces!

HellenaHeavenly @stepharooni @rebisAZ hck them up and I shall turn the pieces to dust

HellenaHeavenly *spews fireballs alternately out of both left and right hands while listening to the 1812 overture*

HellenaHeavenly @beautifulmind1 No worries dear @introvertedwife is unwell anyways and I have school shortly *fireballs school* 

FatherWizard Who needs some healing ? The Wizard is in the house !

Everyone look out! They've unleashed a horde of whatever the hell this thing is! 

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