Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who decided on Winter anyway?


Oh hi, didn't see you there. Give me a minute.

There we go, just had to get a few things off my back.

The winter malaise has hit and hit hard, blanketing me in a precipitous build up of not wanting to do anything and an amazing urge to hide under anything I find and never coming out til the first sign of a robin not frozen solid to the pavement (assuming we ever see pavement again).

I've got a good two paintings sketched out but just can't get the urge to actually pull out my paints and have a go at it (it's strange just how taxing painting can be, it's a pretty big mental workout sometimes as my brain says okay keep the hand steady and calm while also deciding just what shade of color I should use where and what looks stupid. Or I may have one of those brains that can't figure out how socks work.).

Then there's the soap idea. We have all the components to make them. I just have to take lots of pretty pictures, get them all edited so they look appetizing and then list it to finish the shop.

But the Sloth Demon of winter pulls on my sleeves saying "Oh it's much too cold for all that, why not just go curl up in the corner with the puppy and rest."

Curse you evil Winter Sloth Demon!

I did however get out one new pendant at the end of last week which some of you may enjoy and some of you may run screaming from the room babbling about making the white go away. That's perfectly normal.


Oh yes, today is also the last final no more end chance to enter for the iPod shuffle. Then Mr. Random Number Generator will pick the winner (or maybe I'll actually get a hat, no one does that anymore). So tomorrow will be the winner announcement and I'll probably also share some good laughs about that contest that entertained me to no end last week.

For now I'm off to curl up in a warm couch with a cup of hot magazine. *yawn* I'll just fight off the Winter Sloth Demon tomorrow, the weekend by the latest.



Allison said...

I hate winter. I live in the South, it is not supposed to get cold here! It was in the single digits but is starting to warm up. I was completely unmotivated to do anything, I actually thought I was a little depressed!
I understand what you are going through!!
Cute pendant.
Longing for spring....

Leslie said...

Are you kidding? It's hot outside. Apparently it got above freezing here yesterday! I ran around in a hoodie most of the day yesterday and was plenty warm until the sun started going down.

Rachel said...

That winter sloth demon's been getting around. Last week we had some of your weather blow down here, and we had something like 56 hours of sub-freezing temps. That's not supposed to happen in Texas!
At least you guys get snow (although I'm sure you'd give it away right now). We just get what looks like a pretty bright sunny day, until you step outside and freeze your fingers off because you can't find your stupid gloves!

Linda said...

I totally understand that. Cold weather makes me want to stay in bed and watch tv all day.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you need to get out of that house...I just came home 28 degrees and lots of sunshine...it almost feels like a heat wave - get that swimsuit ready LOL

Tomorrow it is supposed to be up to 36 degrees...I think I am heading to the zoo w/ my camera, I figure enjoy the weather while we can! :)