Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Discworld in Soap form

When not packing for the trip, cleaning before the trip, mowing the lawn so it doesn't consume a small village before the trip and being on the trip I and my husband were creating.

For me it was nothing too exciting, I had a pretty blue sponging background 11X14 painting staring back at me for a while.

While I was creating a special black tag for someone's towel soap order I decided what the hell and tried to use up the rest of the black paint to make a new tree. It was as unplanned as all the rest but I like the way it took shape over a few days:
It's for sale here under the exceedingly uncreative title of Abstract Tree.

While I was painting my husband was hard at work crafting a series of special molds that could be combined to create the nerdiest soap ever.

I give you the Discworld is soap form:
It's created using three different molds, the turtle, the elephant and the disc itself. I then come back and hand paint to give it more depth and bring out some of the details from the model.

The whole thing is only about 2 ounces so it'd fit well in a soap dish. The elephants are by far the hardest as I have to pipe burning hot glycerin into a mold no bigger than my pinkie. But as my previous elephant army shows they are damn adorable.

The Discworld soap is up for sale for $10 and it can be whatever scent you'd like. I imagine if Great A'Tuin had a choice he'd go with something brisk but oceany or possibly the Banana Bread cause that stuff smells awesome.

That's the latest to roll out of our ol' factory. There are a few soap molds still cooling and a painting needing a few more coats of glow in the dark paint but they shall have to wait for another day.

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