Friday, June 18, 2010

Mmm, Fresh Squeezed Tornadoes

Last night we had a fairly typical June night in Nebraska.

It started in the high 80's/low 90's with a mugginess that clings to the bones. With your Nebraska skin freshly covered in scotch guard so the sweat threatening to bud up slides right off you a wind picks up out of the North/South/East/West/Heaven.

Out of the corner of your eye you catch these flowing across the sky like homicidal icebergs.
Holding your breath for a minute in case you accidentally fell into a sci-fi blockbuster and the alien ship is about to burst through the clouds you wait to see what the weather has planned next.

While you stand outside staring up like a turkey that swallowed a lead pipe the birds have a different plan:
Take to the high ground as the sky turns gray green and wait for your secret hidden bird bunker to open.

A few minutes later and the skies finally crack, sending a deluge onto the already over intoxicated land (we're about half way done with the arc but have no idea where we can get a pair of Minotaurs from).

The sky, getting tired of the grey goes for a nerve rattling green/orange/yellow:
The clouds book it across the sky probably late for another weather speed dating session (clouds are notorious daters) not bothering to wait to see if a funnel even bothered to touch down.

But the sun can't wait for the storm to abate and sets leaving behind this:
Finally you go inside to spend the light listening to thunder and lightning bicker over who does the damn dishes again.

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Chesney said...

Can you believe this weather we have been getting...soon I will be traveling by boat instead of car LOL Awesome captures!