Monday, June 28, 2010


If you can't tell by now when it comes to craft type projects I have more than just a touch of ADD (okay more than a touch, I'm practically at DaVinci levels).

There's the painting that I'd really only started a year and a half ago, there's the recently discovered soap making, when I'm tired of that there are halloween props that need sanding/painting/gluing/destroying. And now I've added a few new ones to the ol repertoire.

I'm currently trying my hands at making a compilation of myths about the Midwest (since the rest of the country couldn't give a crap about it) and there are other secret activities I've been churning out the past week that I shall share soon.

But the iRiff, the thing that drug you here. Right right. Quick backstory first, you know MST3K a bunch of robots (and the obligatory human) sit around making bad movies fun again. The show ended in 1999 and a few years back some of the original cast embraced the internet technologies with open arms.

First they would offer downloadable tracks to add to the typical blockbuster cheese that hollywood likes to chuck at us during the blistering months.

After a time they had an idea, what if we let the fans put up their own tracks to anything they like that they won't touch with a 10 foot pole (it's like outsourcing but with love).

Anyway long story short thanks to my computer update finally my husband and I can write and record our own Rifftrax. For our first victim we took on a simple short from the 50's about how to have a good party.

Here's a sample.

The entire thing can be viewed by going here. 

We've got another half finished short script waiting in the wings involving Benjamin Franklin and some freezers and more plans for a few obscure movies.

I've been doing written riffs of bad stories since I was in highschool. It's still wild to think I've got a short under my belt as it were.

Tune in tomorrow for that other craft that my husband and I have been working diligently as of late (oh and I have a super early birthday present I'm loving like crazy)

Same Introverted Time. Same Introverted Channel.

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