Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soap for Hitchhikers

Memorial weekend wasn't just devoted to puppy play and making sure our garden and lawn didn't become so overgrown we'd be visited by the evil foliage imps (they write some nasty letters if you don't take good care of your plants).

My husband and I pulled out the clay and got to work creating some new soaps.

He worked hard on a sea turtle and four tiny elephants for a soap that's slowly taking shape and I'll explain much later. (I do have a tiny elephant army right now though)

Meanwhile I pulled and flattened the clay so I could fold it up, added some texture, a number and then baked it for the mold. (Now you know our secret soap making recipe. I'll have to kill you. Hold still please).

Allow me to present the perfect soap for any galaxy hitchhikers so they can always have access to their towel, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything and wash their hands when needed.
I love all the little side details. It really feels like a tiny towel folded up. And pairs pretty nicely with our dirt clod:
But all the soap and painting stuff will have to go on a little hiatus because we're going on vacation soon! I have numerous thoughts, feelings and hot dogs about it so I shall save it for another post.

For now simply bask in the nerdiness of the glycerin.

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Ruby Slippers said...

Oh, the geeky awesomeness! Can't wait to see the full discworld soap! Is it going to be all stuck together in one big soap piece, or what? And the towels are adorable!