Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's the Twitpocalypse!

You may have heard that there was something bad that happened causing the other bad thing leading to twitter crashing more than a 5 year old getting into the halloween candy stash.

This then lead to me whipping up a little something and announcing that I am going to be leading the Twitter apocalypse:
That's right I am apparently the Twitter Anti-Christ. I had no idea but hard to argue with the horns and forehead tattoo:
Which then lead to me calling for my four horsemen so once I figure out exactly how these supposed Anti-Christ powers work and if I shall end the world by unleashing a horse of juggling emus upon it or rivers of flaming chocolate complete with gondolier gummy bears we can ride together.

Except you can't have four horsemen without cool pictures to go with them.

Coming in first, Big Red, the Destroyer of Prior, Himself to end Himself, WAR!
Complete with awesome head shot (pun possibly intended):
The Second horse man, The Pale Thunder, The Equalizer from Ecuador, The only thing that can stop him is a bad game of chess - DEATH:
For that up close skull look:
Our Third Horseman is better known as the White Rider, the Suspicious Lump, The Ooze from your Caboose, forty million fleas can't be wrong - Pestilence:
About the safest way to get up close and personal with her:
And last, but certainly not least, everyone's favorite Red rider, The Tummy Rumbler, Hankering for some Baconring, The Great Emaciator - Famine!
Famine turned out to be my favorite so I made two different head shots for him:
Now that we've got our line up let's ride onto the unending of the Internet.

What do you mean you don't have any transportation? What kind of riders are you?

Oh so you have a pogo stick at home do you War? And you have access to a unicycle Pestilence . . . can you ride it? Yeah I didn't think so.

Fine I'll get you all bus passes.

Fear the Four Dreaded Bus Riders of the Apocalypse.

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Monica Marier said...

Love it.

DEATH: I have a minivan, but I have to get some things out of the trunk. And there's 2 car-seats to take out.