Wednesday, September 1, 2010


September certainly wasn't planning on fooling around. We went from a sweltering 95 august day to rolling thunder and a consistent downpour dragging the mercury down below 80.

Which can only mean one thing, FALL IS HERE! Though looking around our house you'd think Fall got here around August 15th (I really wanted to give Summer a boot up it's backside to get the hell out). And to commemorate the advent of Fall I have for you some perfect perfumes to complement and enhance that falling leaves, warm pumpkin pie, witching hour experience.

I got a few sampler options so I could try some of her seemingly endless supply - 12 in all. Here is my brief synopsis, of each bit of nose candy. They range from light and fruity to musky and heady because sometimes you want your scent to match your mood.

Appease - Freshly-Baked Pumpkin Bread.
 It has that familiar pumpkin spice that puts one in mind of baking for the holidays. There's a warmth from the cinnamon that makes it feel much more like a bread or pie than just a pumpkin scent. Very delectable.

Canopic - comes about by way of Ancient Spices & Honey Amber Musk Filling Pretty Jars Safekeeping Innards.

You know how sometimes you read about scents that have scenes, time periods or ideas attached to them but once you smell it you have no idea how they came up with that. Well that is NOT the case with Canopic. The amber and honey put me in mind of ancient egypt, I almost feel like a displaced  time traveler. And the scent lasts, I wore some while taking Es on a long hot walk and it lasted through all that sweating and a shower after.

Crawlspace - brings to mind a fragrant, decrepit cellar. 

When I was little I loved nothing more than to find small hiding places to sit and be introverted all by my lonesome. Crawlspace brings back to mind the days of me hiding perhaps with a book or two inside one of my grandmothers many lost nooks and cranies. There's a light peppery scent that blends with a slightly sweeter smell. It puts me in mind of back closets and forgotten places.

Crossroads - Antique Oaks, Vanilla & Cajun Spices. You need only otherwise provide the caramels & pennies along with your request.

Very vanilla is the first scent that jumps to the nose, a light sugary vanilla but under that you get the sense of the oak and a slight spice. The blend is well crafted so the vanilla while strong doesn't completely overpower the oak and spices giving it its own scent.

Descent - is the natural result of Crisp Autumn Air Overfilled With Falling Leaves.

Descent has a green peppery scent fresh out of the bottle. On the skin you get the greens but underneath there's a scent reminiscent of that fireplace smell fall has on the air. It's a mix of the green and falling leaves with the bonfire scent in the air. A very complex scent very well blended.

Dirtnap - Broken Woods & Freshly Turned, Soft Earth.

Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt.  A freshly turned dirt scent that makes it perfect if you're say playing the part of a zombie, a mummy (perhaps with some canopic) or a deranged gardener. I've actually used it already to give my fake Dead Sea Scroll that recently discovered smell. If you love the smell of freshly dug ground this is the one for you.

Flicker - As The Flame is different every time it catches The Eye, so is this different and new every time you smell it. More than the seemingly simplistic notes of Apple, Spiced Citrus & Pumpkin.

And now we come to my by far all time favorite of the 12 (which is saying something because these are all so amazing). The pumpkin apple and citrus blend in such a way I get in the mood for pie. I want to nom my wrists and the changing scents keep it fresh. One minute I get the pumpkin, then a bit of the apple. I've been suggesting it to everyone but really if you want to try one I suggest Flicker. I've already used up about half.

Funeral Pyre - is the perfect mourning scent and smells eerily like a Dark Fragrant Fire.

If it weren't for Flicker, Funeral Pyre would be my gobsmacking find of this collection. I'll be damned if it doesn't smell exactly like an open fire chewing up some twigs and leaves on a cool fall night. The little bit of herby smell gives it even more authenticity. If you love the scent of burning wood a must try.

Leviathan - Lies Just Beneath The Dark Waters' Surface. Perhaps this will awaken the untapped potential within you.

A very green scent and a nice break from the fall headiness (if you feel you need one). It puts one in mind of deep green waters with something bubbling just underneath the surface. It's one that is incredibly difficult to describe but I love for its uniqueness.

Loot - An Antique Oak Basket filled with Brown Sugar-Kissed Apples.

It's apples cooked in brown sugar. There's really no doubt or other way of describing it. Apples with a delicious brown sugar (definitely brown sugar, no mistaking that) .

Naos No More - The Resident has forsaken it, yet the air is still rich with past offerings of Nutmeg, Amber, Balsam and Dried Woods. Deep, sultry, decrepit and musky.

Canopic was the lively awake Egyptian while Naos is the dark forgotten cave housing a long lost pharaoh.  The dried woods and balsam mix with the sweeter amber to give a scent of undiscovered mysteries. Puts me in mind of an ancient museum.

Scarecrow - is powered by The Night's Wind & Imagination.

Scarecrow has a blast of lemon citrus giving it the cooling night wind with a light musk underneath. This is probably my least favorite as I'm not a big lemon scent fan but if you are then you'll love this one.

And those are my 12 little fall perfumes - I'm sure that I'll be trying more as I'm a scent addict and be getting more Flicker.

What I love most about FeMaledictions is the care taken into blending each scent, nothing really stands out in sharp contrast to anything else. Each ingredient enhances the other. It's something I haven't found much outside of the really fancy perfumes that I love.

And that's my second find of the week, tomorrow expect tasty tasty food and booze.

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Could you do soaps like that? That would be awesome. You know me, not a big perfume person, but soaps would be GREAT!