Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Wacky Idea?

I'm vaguely kicking around the idea of offering up my map making services for anyone else trapped in "Oh crap I wrote a story about some place all in my brain and now people want to be able to see it!"

I personally like a bit of color in my maps, and then aging, as you can see from the two I finished.

But I can just as easily (actually it'd be a lot easier - colors don't come cheap) go for a sepia tone, crisp and clean like a newly stretched pit of vellum. The Indiana Jones animated plane lines are extra.

Okay so I mostly want an excuse to play again. Come on people, if I don't feed the monster it'll grow 40 feet and take down Cedar Rapids!

Surely someone has an old doodle they want to see in vivid poster form? I'm starting to get the shakes!

Just one more project, I swear.

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