Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year New Painting

This past week was an interesting one for me as my body decided to rebel against me leading to an entire night up wishing I could sleep, a rather hot shower to relax and then a very hard smash into the bathroom floor as I tried out that whole fainting thing.

It's a bit overrated.

I'm fine, no need to worry, I have this thing about overheating that never does good things for me.

I did get one hell of a monster bruise on my left hand, my main hand because I like being sinister, which means I've been sucking in air through gritted teeth anytime a small breeze bashes into it.

So I've been laying low this New Years etc etc, drinking lots of water and trying to get back into sleeping.

Oh and painting, it's a low impact sport that anyone in the family can enjoy.
This one was from a few weeks (months? years?) back but I just put it up to cover the grim reaper busting through the walls. There are a lot of paintings that hang up to hide Halloween decorations.
If you're gonna pass out aim for some padding, in not a bed, I suggest a living room over the tile in a bathroom.

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CelestialAxis said...

I love them both but that first one is INCREDIBLE. Love the depth to it.