Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Was A Homemade Christmas

I think enough time has past, presents have been opened and tolerated, that I can share with you what also kept me busy throughout December.

This year my husband and I wound up going with a lot of that most dreaded of gifts, the homemade look what I did with my own two little hands. It isn't that we're cheap (well okay, that's not true) it's simply that there seemed to be nothing but crap on top of more crap with some crap thrown in for texture.

Plus I wanted to see if I could help bring down the economy myself in preparation of the Mayan Apocalypse this year. It's a slow fall to 40 foot tall serpent gods devouring us whole.

My first attempt at a homemade gift was a coloring book, but not just any coloring book. This one I used photoshop to create inky color lines of the kids who would be coloring it.

Then I stuck it all in a binder for what was supposed to be easy access until the little bottom clip broke. Eh, tearing works as well.

For another I fell back on those much belabored and forgotten painting skills I will occasionally claim to have.
And for the last, for my mother, my husband with only a small bit of prodding on my part sculpted a lab sleeping (something her dog is a certified professional) which I then painted.
But it felt like he needed a little something so using some old scraps of fabric from the cave of dragon my husband made a little bed for the puppy:
Oh and I once again painted some of my Christmas cards (but didn't take pictures of them all because I have no idea why).

And that was my lazy ass Christmas giving.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the coloring book. I intended to call but never got it done. Somehow things went terribly wrong. Brian's grandma passed away right before Christmas, so much of break was gone before we knew it. You can expect a thank you in the mail from the kids sometime soon, though they've yet to finish it.

Plain Graces said...

I love the coloring book idea! Wonderful and adorable!