Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Blood

It should probably come as no big surprise that I have a lot of fake blood in my house in various forms.

This came in handy when I needed to make a blood layer for my book. With a paint brush, my bottle o' blood and a flicking reminiscent of Dexter I made some splatter that can be laid over just about anything.

Why today I used a small section to help make this:
And because I was rather impressed with it, and I like to share, here is a png of the blood splatter in full glorious red with shades of more red free for use to anyone who needs it.
So go on, take it.

I swear, you shall in no was be indebted to me by taking my free blood.

He he he he he *cough cough* sorry, sweettart got stuck.

I promise.

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