Friday, January 6, 2012

Fresh painting for sale

After twiddling my thumbs for a bit, waiting for that perfect day to arrive, it amazingly did yesterday as temperatures in early January crested around 65.

Ha, suck it frozen losers.

Oh the point, right. Let me check quick, as here it is buried in my back. I took pictures of my paintings so now they're all listed for sale if anyone is interested in any of them.

I call this one Shattered Twilight - because I am bloody awful at this naming thing - and it's going for $40 painted on a 12X12.

This one is expertly called Blue Tree 12X24, because it's a tree on blue that's 12"X24" -- creative, no? It's going for $55.
The final one is colloquially known as Gloomy Forest but that didn't pop, didn't sing so I went with the more marketable Forbidden Forest, also on a 12X12 and also $40.
I made up some blathering about there being a secret or something but the biggest secret is probably how much I covered myself in black paint making it (I'll never tell).

It may be Etsy's "way" but sweet lord I hate coming up with stupid "stories" for my paintings. It's a painting, it was painted with some kind of paint. BUY IT!

This is why I'll never make it in marketing and will have to keep that clown washing job instead.

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Richard Marcum said...

I love Twisted Tree 12x24. I repeatedly dreamt of a painting with a black tree and a blue background this morning. My artistic abilities are limited, so I tried to look online for something similar. Of course I did not find anything quite like my dream, but your painting comes closer than any other I have seen so far. I love the color and contrast. Kudos and best wishes.