Monday, January 23, 2012

I can't decide!

I need to learn when bored I shouldn't mess around with various cover makers because I always walk away with a million new ideas which leaves me with a new problem, I have no idea which design I want to use.

So I'm asking you which do you prefer for a book cover about something that I haven't bothered to summarize yet because I hate it so much!

Number 1. My first attempt and an excuse to use that map.

Number 2: I'd get a staff on one side and sword on the other but then I'd actually have to come up with an author bio.
Please please tell me which you prefer, there are things I like and don't like about both of them.


Michael M. said...

Of the 2, I'd prefer the first. But there are bits I like on both.

Linda said...

I like the second one.

April D said...

I prefer the first, though something about the wood on the staff keeps nagging me oddly. But if I was going to totally judge a book by a cover the first one grabbed my eye, made me read the title and then I went, "oooh! Potential!" and made me want to read the back for a synopsis! :)

Anonymous said...

yes i agree...the first one has a cool staff sword thing on the fron...and on the back there is a map! im a sucker for maps.

Leslie said...

I prefer the second one.

DM Alex said...

I very much like the first one. That one I would pick up in a store.