Sunday, April 19, 2015


I just dotted the last t and crossed the last i on my newest Dwarves in Space novella.

At 59K words, it fell a bit shy of my 60K anticipation.

Long story short it's a prequel set two years before the events of the first Dwarves in Space. Drake Bane began as a one night stand that's fast becoming a pain in the ass when he talks Variel into getting him to a museum. He planned to steal an old relic of some forgotten alien race, but things go way off script when the relic decides to steal Variel instead.

On the run from the dwarven antiquities board, Variel has to figure out how to get the relic off her hand, how to keep her ship safe from the corps, and how to get rid of the one night stand that forgot to leave.

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