Thursday, April 30, 2015

iZombie Maternity Liv

iZombie seems to run hot and lukewarm and, sadly, this week was one of the lukewarm episodes.

It opens with a bunch of teens who were about to get slashed apart in a horror film have a girl from the bizarro set of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fall into their laps. Apparently, she's Emily Sparrow, super pregnant, kidnapped for months, and dying. Judging by the number of kidnappings, I'm starting to think an overabundance of Starbucks makes absconding people seem a cool thing to do. Maybe we need to get Seattle those day lights to combat SAD. Seattle, kidnapping won't solve all your problems.

Because we need a red herring, Liv has a flashback to Emily's parents mad that she went through a stringy-EDM-skateboarder phase and got pregnant. Of course, that must mean the parents are guilty in Liv's mind because we need this to stretch out for an hour.

On top of the flashbacks, Emily's brain also gives Liv "maternal instincts." Not the one's you'd expect from a new mother -- exhaustion, inability to put up with bullshit, and the capability to rip the arms off a grizzly bear. It's more like Liv swallowed a pinterest board and every mother character in a sitcom from an actress of a certain age who's probably 10 years older than the one playing her son. She'd lick faces, adjust ties, and go on rants about kids getting jobs.

I get they were going for cute, but it just screamed "We don't know anything about Moms, so let's use every stereotype in the creaking wheelhouse." Whenever Liv went into Mommy mode I groaned and waited until it snapped or someone else popped up. Thankfully, everyone else was on point this episode.

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