Saturday, April 4, 2015


So, April caught me a bit by surprise. I already knew Dwarves in Space would drop on the 8th. I've been watching that calendar like a fifth tier Batmam villain.

To tie in with all that promo stuff, a few weeks back I asked if I could do a guest post at Nerdy but Flirty (which I would have mentioned if I weren't trapped under the worst migraine I've ever suffered. My google searches from that day are: "head replacement" "do it yourself brain surgery" "play-doh as brain substitute").

The editor offered me a chance to write regularly for the site and I thought, what the hell. I'm full of rants and goofy stuff.

Consider this the official announcement that I'll be blogging on Nerdy by Flirty.

Because that isn't enough, it's April and I'm once again plugging away at CampNaNo. I'd thought about finishing Spanish Fog (which you can read the parts I have done here), but that's a very draining book that requires all my cylinders. Instead, I'm doing a prequel to Dwarves in Space. It's set two years before the first one and involves disturbances in the galaxy, a mysterious rogue who sneaks his way onto the ship, and fire monsters.

Oh, and I've agreed to write for my first ever game. It would take forever to explain so I'll just say Nugmance and leave it at that.

And that's why you won't hear a word from me for a month.


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