Thursday, April 23, 2015

iZombie: Virtual Reality Bites

This episode was the perfect storm of everything I’ve come to love about iZombie. If you’re still on the fence about watching it, or are trying to convince someone to give it a try, use this one.

To the recap!

In a classic fakeout move, we get a “last seen on” clip of Major getting his ass whomped by a zombie who looks like he wants to ask George about some rabbits. This episode opens with a shirtless Major laying on the dead body table, with Ravi looking over him.

Luckily, they waste little time admitting that no, the Ken Doll’s not dead (plastic can take a beating, but don’t hold it next to the heater) and Ravi attempts to stitch him up. Liv walks in, pointing out how terrible Ravi’s technique is and that it’d leave Major looking like Frankenstein. (‘Frankenstein was really the monster’ – got to say that to keep any pedantic ghosts from popping up)

Ravi responds:
“The man’s too good looking, I’m just giving him character.”

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