Friday, April 17, 2015

iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead

Is this creepy? I’m trying really hard to not seem creepy.
This week’s episode opens on a plane as a bunch of high-risk junkies get blitzed before doing something stupid and testing the validity of the theory of gravity. I’m not sure if we were supposed to be cheering for the ground to win this fight, but I was. The scene jump cuts to a skydiver impaled through a tree, her chute dangling limply to the side.

Liv and Ravi are on scene having a delightful conversation about nibbling brains on kebabs while a horde of police officers stand a couple dozen feet away. Either cops are so jaded that the idea of two morgue docs talking about eating brains from the fresh corpse doesn’t phase them, or they’re all planning on having a nosh later (Foreshadowing!).

Mid gallows humor, Liv gets a call from a pretty but plotless girl. It turns out that the satay-ed skydiver corpse used to be in Liv’s sorority. This is the first time the case of the week is tied to the main character but sadly, it’s not a very exciting one. Despite Liv getting all, “I have to eat this brain because of finding the real killer and getting vengeance!” Holly (our ex-adrenaline junkie) seemed more like a Facebook friend at best. Later, at her wake/memorial service, aside from Liv’s ex-fiance (who must show up anywhere he’s invited, kinda like a polite vampire) and her roommate, no one seemed to have a clue that Liv knew Holly.

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