Thursday, March 25, 2010

aaaand Sold!

April 6th is coming (as it is wont to do what with time being linear and all) and if any of you are big fans of the site of whimsicle then you know the book is coming out.

The book that I sent my little wedding dress attire pictures off to in the hopes of being included, signed most of my life away and haven't heard anything about since late January.

I've stayed silent on the topic since the first post because there was always a chance that during the editing processes my entry would get chopped out and left on the cutting room floor.

And if there's one thing I don't want to do it's to get my hopes up. I tend to operate at a below hope level so when something great does happen it's really super tear your hair out with excitement great and when something I was expecting doesn't fall through I mostly shrug it off and go back to knitting dryer lint.

Yet, it's still a little under two weeks so why am I mentioning this all now instead of waiting and just showing off say a picture of it in the book or instead quietly pretending I've never painted anything and am moving to the desert to catalog scorpions?

Yesterday Regretsy put a call out for pieces to be donated to a book signing auction for Housing Works Bookstore Cafe which helps the homeless with HIV/AIDS.

I've had the painting I made specifically for the book kicking around since mid January doing nothing more than being a lovely malt shop for dust bunnies. So, I e-mailed the Regretsy Luminary offering it up and right away got a response which judging by all the exclamation points at the time she must have been hooked to an IV of espresso and jogging away from a unglued grizzly bear.

Or she really likes my goofy art. But I'm sticking with the grizzly bear, coffee drip theory myself.

Anyway all this means that my little painting (and I'm going to toss in some other goodies because we'll I'm a sucker like that and maybe I can push the final bid over $0.25 somehow) is heading off to New York for its first big auction.
You too could own a piece of Regretsy history, assuming you live in New York anyway.

Now back to pretending I didn't actually make the cut and practicing my surprised face. "Wow! This is such a shock!" No too cliched. "Give me all your money and no one gets hurt!" Way off there. "I'd like to thank the academy." This is gonna take some time.

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Father Wizard : A Colton Production said...

You're an extremely talented and imaginative artist. Also there are no IV drips or grizzlies in sight. How do you like them apples ?