Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the mood -- NOT

I've been waxing and waning about painting as often as the Moons on Jupiter (it's a joke see cause Jupiter has so many moons and I'm always waffling between loving and hating it. Okay so it wasn't that good of a joke, look I'm sorry I told it. Shesh. Let's just move on.)

One second I'll get these wild ideas involving space goblins and then the next I just don't want to go to all the bother to clear off my workspace (it's become one giant mess with all the soap stuff and apparently any other craft related object in this house must be stored there now), organize my brushes and find a cup of water.

So it falls by the wayside. I've also felt like I've been running out of ideas, this cold drab world of nothing that's been winter has zapped all my creativity out through my eyeballs and used it to freeze parts of Wisconsin (that's how winter works you know, it's actually all stolen creativity. Things like a looming Smurfs Movie are why it's been the coldest winter in years, thanks Hollywood.)

But I have cranked out a recent pendant, my first in weeks I think, I wanted to share.

It's based on Celtic Mythology around a triple goddess who would take the form of crows and survey a battlefield looking for souls much like the Valkyries.
This is my Morrigan. I wanted to make the background slightly unsettling so I used a combo of staining the wood and then covering it lightly in alternating shades of paint. While you can't tell in the picture it gives it a curious depth like there's more on the horizon from the birds.

And that's pretty much it. I have a background begging for something, another idea for trees and a whole bunch of nothing.

Maybe the swirls and whorls from the puppy's muddy paws as she runs through the house will inspire me more than the whiteout ever has.

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Miss Anne said...

step away from the project for a bit, maybe do something light and easy and the inspiration/ideas will come back to you.


:) Make today great!

*And dont forget to enter in my necklace giveaway!*